About This App

Thanks for downloading the "James A. Michener Art Museum Permanent Collection App". We hope that you find this app useful to learn more about the history of the Museum's former site and the collection of the Michener Art Museum. 

You will see small images of each work included in this app. To learn more, select the image by tapping on the screen. 

As you walk through the galleries of the museum, you will receive notifications through the app that you are close to an artwork that has information on it. 

You can also use the Michener's free Wi-Fi network to access just about anything else you do online during your visit. 

This application is available on all web-enabled smartphones and tablet devices with a full browser. Visit http://michenerartmuseum.oncell.com your device.

To provide feedback on this app after your visit, go to our Comment Page. 

Touch the Tour Stops button to access a list of sites in the museum.

Use the Keypad to type in the site number attached to each point of interest.

Use the Favorites button to save works of art that you like that you want to return to later.