Angel Awning by Celia Reisman

Celia Reisman, (b. 1950), "Angel Awning", 2000, oil on canvas, H. 40 x W. 50 inches, James A. Michener Art Museum. Museum purchase.

"I was attracted to this place because of the strong, stark, crisp edges of the small garage.  The bright red of the two small fences, the red edge on the rooftop and the dark opening of the garage door made it feel like an altarpiece. It was a small structure with intense red areas surrounded by many kinds of greens. It felt like a place of rest, or at least seemed to serve a different purpose from the rest of the buildings.  So in my mind it represented a place of a religious nature, and angels are certainly a part of religious imagery. I painted it so that it is within the only structure that sits inside the confines of the painting.  Every other architectural form is incomplete and cropped, so again the small garage feels important and complete compared to the other buildings." 

      -Celia Reisman, 2000