Audio Text: About Mira Nakashima

Mira Nakashima-Yarnall was born in Seattle, Washington and she moved with her family to New Hope, Pennsylvania in 1943. She attended school locally, finishing high school at the Solebury School. After completing her Masters Degree in Architecture in Japan, she returned to New Hope at the invitation of her father. She worked alongside her father in the family business for twenty years until his passing in 1990. After her father’s death, Mira became Vice President, Designer and Shop Supervisor at the Nakashima studios in New Hope. Since that time, Mira has extended the tradition of the Nakashima Studio not only by producing the traditional lines, but by continuing the evolution of new designs through her own work called the Keisho Collection. In Japanese, the term keisho means continuance or succession. Through these designs, Mira preserves the methods and techniques embraced by her father, while taking it a step further by experimenting with new angles and structural details.