Audio Text: Introduction to Nakashima Reading Room

This installation known as The Nakashima Reading Room was created by Mira Nakashima-Yarnall, an architect, designer and craftsperson who currently lives and works in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Mira is the daughter of George Nakashima, the internationally known woodworker. She created this space in his memory. It was installed in 1993 during the Michener art Museum’s first expansion. 

Take some time to look around this room and sit down in one of the chairs. This installation uses traditional Japanese architectural elements with some contemporary modifications. It includes some of Nakashima’s best–known furniture designs. It is also one of the few spaces in the museum where visitors may touch some of the objects in the room. These objects include the chairs, the table, the wall, the floor, the bench, the large post in the corner and the shoji screens.

To learn more Mira and George Nakashima along with the components of this installation, select from the additional audio stops available.